STSMs and Virtual Mobility Grants

STSMs and Virtual Mobility Grants

COST Actions such as DEPASS offer grants to members to support researcher and innovator mobility, capacity building and transfer of knowledge through bilateral/multilateral collaborations.

Two specific grants exist: 1) Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs, Max €4000) and 2) Virtual Mobility (VM, Max €1500):

The grants support the achievement of tasks that can help progress the DE-PASS Action, Work Group and Deliverable objectives. The grants are very flexible and the schedule to complete the required tasks can be determined and agreed with the grantee – however all tasks for this year must be completed by 31st October 2024.

DEPASS STSM/VM Call May to October 2024
DEPASS VM and STSMs Topics and Deadlines for 2024

Please see here for full list of Grant opportunities and guidance regarding making an application. Tables 1 and 2 describes proposed VM and STSM opportunities, which are relevant for May to October 2024. We now invite applications for grant mobility opportunities for May to October 2024. Please submit expressions of interest (EOI) stating what STSM/VM topic that you are interested in to and we will provide you with further details and guidance to make your application. Please submit EOIs for STSM/VM opportunities by Friday 17th May 2024.

Formal applications via eCOST will be accepted at any time from today (call announcement) up to Friday 14th June, 2024. Applications will be approved on a rolling basis. Notification to all applicants will be 2 weeks after formal submission.

For more information on the Grant Application process please contact