Management Committee, and Core Group Board (CG-B). Members of the CG-B undertake leadership roles for (a) Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (CDE); (b) Capacity, Training and Implementation (CTI); (c) Science, Growth and Sustainability (SGS)


The Action MC is in charge of the management and implementation of the COST Action with a view to achieving the COST Action's scientific and technological objectives as specified in the COST Action DE-PASS Memo of Understanding (MoU).


The CG-B includes representation from the Management Committee, e.g. Action Co-Chairs, Science Communication Managers, Work Group Leaders, Training School Coordinator, Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator, and ITC Conference Grant Coordinator. In addition, the Grant Manager is a member of the CG-B. Members of the CG-B have responsibility for overseeing ‘Capacity, Training and Implementation’, and ‘Science, Growth and Sustainability.


The Core Group Board (CG-B) will be responsible for the co-ordination, progress and implementation of related training and capacity building objectives. Input will be sought from ITC Conference Grant Co-ordinator, the Training School Co-ordinator, the Action Co-Chairs and representatives from WGs.


Two Co – Science Communication Managers (Science and Policy Focus) have the overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the Action communication and dissemination plan i.e. the Knowledge Transfer Platform (KTP). Members of the CG-B advise and provide input as required.


The Core Group Board (CG-B) will advise on the scientific quality of the Action, define and promote a long term research agenda and harmonisation plan and implement a network sustainability and growth plan. Input will be sought from the Action Co-Chairs, WG 1 Leader and Researcher and Policy Makers from WGs 2, 3 and 4.


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