Work Groups

Work Groups

Establish a network of multidisciplinary stakeholders (scientists and policy-makers) who will identify, effectively measure and further understand setting-specific factors which promote, maintain or inhibit lifespan physical activity behaviours.


WG1 Overall Management, Capacity Building, Dissemination and Exploitation - Objective: To create and operationalise management, communication, Action capacity, dissemination and exploitation and long term sustainability plans and to ensure the timely and high quality achievement of the Action aim, objectives and tasks.


WG2 Evidence Translation - Framework, Consensus and Guidelines - Multi-disciplinary expertise within and outside the DE-PASS Action and published convincing evidence of high quality will be used to achieve this objective. A Best Evidence Statement (BESt) regarding the key setting specific and life course determinants of PABs that should be prioritised and targeted within public policies and interventions will be articulated.


WG3 PABs Determinant Profile Measurement Toolkit - The new European Physical Activities Determinants Toolkit (EN-PADT) will be validated against objectively measured level of PABs. The measurement of individual determinant profiles include multi-level and multi-disciplinary perspectives, involves individually contributed data and linkages with existing data sources.


WG4 European Harmonisation of Data Collection - The capacity of all participating countries to deliver high quality harmonised data will be identified. The potential to progressively achieve research harmonisation across DE-PASS partner countries will be defined and proof of concept of: management of multi-nation research harmonisation; cohort baseline data collection; resource consolidation; database linkage and integration; calibration, weighting and population generalisation studies; federated data analysis and excellent data curation will be established.