Training School on Application and Implementation of Group Concept Mapping Techniques

By: Giancarlo Condello
WG2 D2.3 Leader
University of Parma

Training School on Application and Implementation of Group Concept Mapping Techniques

DE-PASS in partnership with Concept Systems Inc and PAfH (Physical Activity for Health Research Cluster, University of Limerick, Ireland) organized a Group Concept Mapping Webinar & Tutorial on 23rd and 30th September 2021.  These two events were the final events part of the first DE-PASS first Training School “Consensus, concept mapping and best evidence statement (BESt) methodologies”, which relate to Work Group 2.   During the webinar and tutorial, theoretical background and practical applications were provided to participants from several European countries.

During the webinar, Dr. Mary Kane, President and Principal Consultant at Concept System, gave insight into the Group Concept Mapping methodology, tools and methods for the group researcher and the applications of Group Concept Mapping in different areas of research.  Breakouts rooms were used during the webinar to give participants the possibility to interact each other, share knowledge and opinions, and practice the writing of a focus prompt, representing one of the critical steps of the Concept Mapping methodology.

The tutorial was provided by Dr. Scott Rosas, Director of Research and Evaluation at Concept Systems, who shed the light on the exact structuring of analysis and representation regarding the two main tasks of Concept Mapping methodology, i.e., rating and sorting, and how to build and interpret the map. Furthermore, Dr. Rosas provided relevant statistical foundations and an overview of the dedicated software for Concept Mapping.

DE-PASS members attending the event demonstrated a real interest towards this complex methodology and actively participated with several questions asked of the trainers.  For the majority of participants, it was their first time approaching Concept Mapping methodology. In particular, several questions addressed a deeper understanding of the data analysis and map representation.

Dr. Giancarlo Condello, University of Parma, Italy is an Action Member of DE-PASS CA19101 and leads the WG2 Deliverable D2.3: “Provide a new and updated EuropeaN Physical Activity Determinants (EN-PAD) consensus framework.  (Output: Publication)


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