First ITC Conference Grant Successfully Completed

By: Dr. Jovan Vuković
Teaching Assistant at the University of Novi Sad
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

The first ITC conference grant organised by the Montenegrin Sports Academy and the Faculty for Sport and Physical Education at the University of Montenegro, FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE D´ÉDUCATION PHYSIQUE (FIEP Europe), was successfully completed by Dr. Jovan Vuković. Dr. Vuković participated at the 18th Annual scientific conference of Montenegrin Sports Academy and the 16th FIEP European Congress “Sport, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health: Contemporary perspectives,” held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 8th – 11th April 2021.

In line with the DE-PASS COST Action, Dr. Vuković presented a poster entitled “ Student’s physical activity to COVID 19 emergency measures in Serbia” in Poster Session 1. The Poster identified the study’s main goal which describes an established methodology and criteria “to identify physical activity indicators for students from the University of Novi Sad before and during COVID-19 emergency measures in Serbia”. Dr. Vukovic discusses the new epidemiologic situation which has imposed several challenges and changes in the process and realization of education, changes in student’s daily lives, previous habits, and involvement in physical activity.

Dr. Vuković believes that the potential quality of his poster is to find appropriate solutions and models for student’s involvement in physical activity during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in Serbia. In doing so it will contribute to identifying, understanding, and measuring the determinants which promote, maintain, or inhibit Physical Activity Behaviors (PABs) across the lifespan and in different settings and translating this knowledge to assist policymakers in achieving greater health impact.

Finally, Dr. Vuković revealed that as a result of attending the ITC conference he collaborated and exchanged many ideas and proposals with other colleagues. Taking an important initial step for future cooperation in the COST project framework, and demonstrating the value and effectiveness of the ITC Grants provided by DE-PASS COST Action.

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