Linking Sport, Culture and Creative Industry

By: Dino Mujkic
University of Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sports industry is a market where people, activities, businesses and organisations are involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organising any activity, experience, or a business enterprise focused on sports. It is the market where the businesses or products offered to its buyers are sport-related, and these may be goods, services, people, places, or ideas.1  Sport is a big part of our lives, a big part of society and most certainly a big part of all global movements.

Creative industries include advertising, architecture, the art and antiques market, crafts, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, the performing arts, publishing, software and computer services, television and radio. We also recognise the close economic relationships with other sectors such as tourism, hospitality, museums and galleries, heritage and sport.2

Interconnection between the industries is easier when the role of the involved industries is clear and understandable, and especially when it is in accordance with societal demands and a desire to offer a quality response to those needs.  Communication and networking among the industries are opening a new space for first-hand knowledge, skills and competencies wherein educational institutions have to change traditional approaches and start supporting the interest of interdisciplinary industries defining and developing new competencies.

There is need for interdisciplinary education in order to follow new trends in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)4.

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