Deliverable 2.5 – GRADE-ing our BESt (Best Evidence STatement) for the key modifiable physical activity determinants

By: Dr Fiona Ling
Northumbria University

Deliverable 2.5 – GRADE-ing our BESt (Best Evidence STatement) for the key modifiable physical activity determinants

Thanks to ALL Deliverable 2.5 colleagues who have been contributing to the systematic review process in the past 6 months. As the deliverable lead, I am truly excited to see how members regularly share their thoughts and raise questions on various channels. One of the many valuable suggestions is the Cochrane GRADE approach to further strengthen our systematic review analyses, to generate an even more credible BESt! The GRADE approach asks how confident we are in the quality of the result generated from a systematic review/meta-analysis, via a systematic assessment. While the risk of bias is one consideration for quality assessment (which most of us are familiar with), there are other considerations such as how directly translatable our included studies are and how the result of one study might have influenced the overall result in a meta-analysis. For these reasons, we consider the GRADE approach a step further into creating the BESt.

We are now seeking a colleague(s) in DE-PASS (or outside of DE-PASS!) experienced in the GRADE approach to deliver an online training session to D2.5 members in late April/early May. If interested, please contact me directly at

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