Virtual Mobility (VM) Grant to create BESt on determinants of Physical Activities for children/adolescents

By: Ratko Peric
MC Member and Virtual Mobility Recipient
OrthoSport Banja Luka

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grant to create BESt on determinants of Physical Activities for children/adolescents

As one of the deliverables for the DE-PASS cost action CA19101 is to produce a Best Evidence Statement (BESt), this Virtual Mobility (VM) was a great occasion to work with the WG2, Deliverable 2.5 Core group members in charge of creation of BESt and to gain knowledge and experience on determinants for physical activity and sedentary behaviours in children/adolescences. Furthermore, this topic was further expanded by adding children living with disabilities as high interest population.

During my VM Grant period, daily meeting with D2.5 Core group members (which I am now a member of) took place at which time we discussed and established all prerequisites for starting our work on the BESt.  Furthermore, several online events such as training schools and workshops took place providing participants education in BESt related fields such as statistical analysis and systematic reviews.

Due to interest in the topic, I took a deputy lead position (to Dr Kwok Ng, MC Member Finland) on the topic of children living with disabilities where I have helped to set up an online event aiming to introduce disability in children to other DE PASS members.

Establishment of high quality networking of all D2.5 Core group members will provide basis for future work on the topic of BESt creation where we currently work on data screening aiming to identify all eligible studies to be included.

I’m glad to be member of this group and would like to thank COST for the Virtual Mobility grant.


Note: In this Grant Period, DE-PASS awarded six virtual mobility grants where recipients collaboratively worked together on Deliverable D2.5 “Prepare Best Evidence Statement of high quality research on the determinants of physical activity behaviours (PABs). [Output: Publication].
Further blogs will keep you informed of the progress on this deliverable and the VM experience of the other VM recipients. 

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