Training School April 2022 – Data Collection, Harmonisation, Integrated & Federated Data Analysis

By: Eco de Geus/Hidde van der Ploeg
WG 4 Leaders
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA)
The Netherlands

Training School April 2022 
Data collection, harmonisation, integrated & federated data analysis

DE-PASS Training School “State of the art in physical activity behaviour (PAB) data collection, research harmonisation, integrated and federated data analysis across multiple cohorts and countries”

The DE-PASS Training School (TS) extends across a three day period, and will be a live face to face event hosted by the VU Amsterdam (VUA, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). The training school will involve three foci, keynote presentations (1 hr), and associated workshops (~3 hrs). The dates for this event are Monday 4th April, 2022, beginning at 12:30 (CET), Tuesday 5th April and concluding Wednesday 6th April 14:30.

The TS will specifically target and be tailored for members of WG4 (European Harmonisation of Data Collection) and facilitate the progression and completion of Deliverables 4.2, 4.4 and 4.5. The goal is to have a live face-to-face TS event and we hope COVID circumstances in Amsterdam this April will allow for this. The keynote presentations will be accessible to all DE-PASS participants online while the practical workshops will be a face-to-face provision at VUA. A maximum of 25 participants can be accommodated to attend face to face all 3 days of the TS. Travel and daily allowance expenses will be provided for these participants. The details of the keynotes and workshops are as follows:

Focus 1 – State of the art in PAB data collection

April 4thDay 1 Keynote Presentation: Jakob Tarp “How data harmonisation has advanced physical activity and health research”.

  • Day 1 Workshop:  Harmonising PAB data collection & analysis from an accelerometer/self-report perspective (Part 1).


Focus 2 – Research harmonisation and designs: challenges and opportunities


April 5thDay 2 Keynote Presentation: Isabella Fortier “Data harmonization and integration across studies: The Maelstrom project.”

  • Day 2 Workshop:  Harmonising PAB data collection & analysis from an accelerometer/self-report perspective (Part 2).


Focus 3 – Integrated & Federated data analysis


April 6thDay 3 Keynote Presentation:  Tom Bishop “Federated analysis:  Take the analysis to the data, not the data to the analysis”

  • Day 3 Workshop:  Reading club discussion of papers on integrated data analysis, considering motivation & methodologies for performing integrated analysis e.g. DataSHIELD.
Please put the dates of this excellent TS in your Diary! Any questions – contact via “DE-PASS Slack” or via DE-PASS website using drop down menu “Contact” (General Inquiry).

Registration Details to Follow 

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