Presenting at 4th International Aegean Symposium, Turkey – Dr. Pinar Gultekin

DE-PASS Action Member
Düzce University

4th International Aegean Symposiums, Social Sciences & Humanities-IV
11-12 September 2021 İzmir, Turkey
Hosted by the IKSAD and ATLAS Journals

I was successful in my application to DE-PASS for an Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) grant aimed at supporting early career researchers to present work at international conferences on topics relevant to the DE-PASS network.  I presented my research paper “ASSESSMENT OF ECOTOURISM AND RECREATION ACTIVITIES; PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BEHAVIOURS OF BANK EMPLOYEES” in the oral presentation session Hall #4 of the symposium on September 11.

Participants presented their research results, ideas, developments and applications in their study areas.  The conference was well organized, successful and compliant to precautions for the COVID-19 pandemic.  (e.g. use of face masks, hygiene standards, social distancing, appropriate seating arrangements etc). I carefully listened to the presentations related to recreation, social science studies and environmental issues. There were 5 presentations in each session. I focused on topics related to ecotourism and cultural diversity.

The conference was held in İzmir city of Turkey and this conference merged with Natural and Medical Sciences. I had an opportunity to visit İzmir city and cultural areas of İzmir and find out some information about this region’s culture.

The Symposium Proceedings will be published in the symposium website and the  Symposium organisers gave me a certificate of participation after the session.  After this Symposium I’m planning to study on improving design criteria for outdoor recreation to increase physical activity in Turkey.

I would like to thank Cost Action CA19101 DE-PASS for their support and encourage others to follow the DE-PASS website on


Dr. Pinar Gultekin at the International Aegean Symposiums Conference, 11-12 September 2021, Izmir, Turkey.

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