DEPASS – Why individuals and groups adopt a physically active or inactive lifestyle

By: Dr. Ciaran MacDonncha
Action Co-Chair
University of Limerick

DEterminants of Physical ActivitieS in Settings (DE-PASS) is a network of dedicated researchers and policy makers who have a unique focus on understanding, identifying and measuring the factors which impact physical activity behaviours (PABs).  Funding to support capacity building and research coordination objectives was gained from COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) in April 2020. The COST Action formally commenced in November 2020, it will be funded until October 2024. The grant holder is the University of Limerick, Ireland. DE-PASS comprises of in excess of 200 “Action Participants”, 100 institutions and organisation, 38 European and International partner nations.  DE-PASS will examine the factors which impact PABs using a setting (e.g. home, school, family) and life span approach.

In this context DE-PASS will enact a multi-disciplinary, Pan-European, international network of established, young and Early Career Investigators (ECIs) and policymakers and thus exploit, consolidate and further integrate existing relevant expertise, evidence, resources and influence. DE-PASS will prepare new Best Evidence statements and relevant conceptual frameworks. A Knowledge Transfer Platform (KTP) is integrated within DE-PASS where outputs are translated and shared in a fashion which is tailored for policy makers and practitioners. A new online European platform which will facilitate standardised, effective and valid measurement of key factors which impact PABs – the initial focus here will be on the home, school and family setting. DE-PASS will establish a new, high functioning, open access European database of the determinants of PABs, this will evolve to include a cohort extension.  DE-PASS welcomes researchers and policy makers who have a specific interest in further understanding the factors that explain PABs.

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